Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe once said, “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” Just like Marilyn, you’ll feel like a star when you have Hour Glass Studio’s exclusive Marilyn collection glasses. In 2007 we obtained permission to etch this timeless icon on stemware. Each martini and wine glass is individually prepared and sandblasted. No two will ever be exactly alike because of the variables in the sandblasting process that create them.

Hour Glass Studio’s Marilyn Classic Series focuses on Marilyn’s exquisite image  coming to life in clear glass, and the contrast is beautiful set against the permanently etched or frosted bowl of the glass.

With the Marilyn Cameo Series, a cameo oval is etched around Marilyn’s face. This glass was created for those people who prefer to have a clearer view of their wine or martini.

Whether you choose the Marilyn Classic Series or the Marilyn Cameo Series, you’ll enjoy a gorgeous Swarovski ® crystal adhered to the glass to highlight Marilyn’s famous beauty mark. As well, her signature is etched elegantly on the base.

For proper care, hand washing is recommended.

Hour Glass Studio’s Marilyn glasses are a beautiful tribute to all Marilyn represented, and they’re a priceless gift for the collectors who love her.  Shop for your own piece of Marilyn history now.