Pet Lover Gifts

For pet lovers, Hour Glass Studio is always creating new and interesting pet images for gift giving. We have a number of canine breeds and some great cat images to choose from, and we always etch a paw print on the base.

Hour Glass Studio has etched everything from turtles to llamas, and we are confident we can help you create a personal gift or award for any and all of the pets in your life.

We’ve worked with the following clubs on awards and judge’s gifts:

  • Western Great Dane Club of BC
  • Schipperke Club of Canada
  • Shetland Sheepdog Club of BC
  • Siberian Husky Club of BC
  • Dogwood Pacesetters Agility Club

If you belong to a club, we can create some beautiful pet-oriented club awards for you. You can also add custom etched glasses with your breed or pet to a personalized pet gift bag or gift basket, and we’ll include a complimentary card with your sentiments.

We have no minimum orders and will work hard to deliver your glass order in a timely manner.  Take a look around our shop at the many beautiful pieces of etched glass available and get started on a special gift for the pet lover in your life.